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Do You Need a New HVAC System?

HVAC systems are designed to provide owners many years of heating and cooling service. However, the system can and will sustain a variety of issues during its lifetime. Prompt attention to these issues ensures that you receive the maximum lifetime possible with the unit. But, when the time comes to replace, there is little that you can do except call a professional for HVAC Fairfax VA.

Signs that indicate the time to make the call has come include:

HVAC Fairfax VA

·    It is time to replace if the unit is over 10 years old. In this industry, you own an antique and like most products in this category, it is best left to adore from afar. Units that are old need replaced!

·    Is the unit making strange noises? If these loud buzzes, hums, and bangs are causing you concern, it is with good reason. Sounds usually indicate a big problem with the unit.

·    How many times has the repairman been to your home to make repairs in the past year? It may be cost effective to replace a unit that constantly needs repairs.

·    Is it hard to breathe in your home? It could very well be the HVAC system in your home that contributes to these difficulties. The easiest way to improve breathing and eliminate health concerns is with an updated heating and cooling unit.

·    Are bad odors coming out of the unit? Does it smell like wires or plastic is burning? These are signs of trouble that need immediate attention.

These are a few of the many signs that indicate the need for a new HVAC system has come.  Although there are many others, these signs are the most common that a homeowner experiences. Pay attention to these signs and make the call to a professional when in need!